Winter Items Under $100

For those of us stuck in this "Bomb Cyclone", this weekend is hitting well below freezing temperatures. If you're like me, you're staying in this Saturday night wearing sweatpants and drinking a glass of wine because it's too cold to even consider leaving the apartment. That being said, it's also a good time to plan out our outfits so that we remain as warm and presentable as possible. I found it to be harder than planned to find warm and versatile pieces for my winter wardrobe, so I compiled this list of well-priced winter items that will be just as stylish as they are warm! Believe me - this neck warmer is a must! 

$22.99 (Comes in black!)

Longline Puffer Coat


Leather Waterproof Boot


I hope you found this list helpful! Stay warm lovely ladies. 



Mckayla SeiberComment